Here’s the thing about BK’s: They were new. They were edgy. They were… different.

For anyone bred in the age of Nickelodeon game shows and Hammer pants, British Knights were ubiquitous, the shoe everyone in class coveted. British Knights took their cues from the street – from the fresh new energy of hip hop and the explosive colors of graffiti art.

And while they played to the jocks, British Knights also wooed the dancers, the musicians, the painters and the poets – with some of the most innovative advertising ever.

Early commercials featured scores by hip hop pioneer Kool Moe Dee and spokesperson M.C. Hammer. There was the spot with the knight in full armor… out for a jog in his BKs. And with irreverent, cocky catchphrases like “How You Like Me Now?” “Choose Change” and “You Ain’t Nothin’ Without Your BK button”, British Knights offered an alternative, fresh take on the footwear game, all with a sly smile.

British Knights took on the big boys, blasting onto the scene in the late 1980s and changing the face of sneaker industry with vivid colors, chunky soles and a burst of fresh styles.

Kicking off with a landmark collaboration between renowned designer and artist Darren Romanelli (DRx) and groundbreaking entrepreneur Scooter Braun, British Knights are about to be born again. “What I do is contemporize classics and rejuvenate beloved brands,” explains DRx, “so I’ll be serving as BK’s in-house doctor. My job is to take a sneaker brand that has a solid fan base already and inject it with a fresh, youthful take. My love for art and Scooter’s background in music will be key in our approach to BK. For us, artists are the new athletes.”

With this in mind, British Knights is nurturing design partnerships and creative projects with up-and-coming artists from around the globe. Look out for a series of inspired alliances, collaborative creations that will honor BK’s long legacy of originality and daring.

Welcome back to your favorite shoe – resurrected for the modern era.