Once a prerequisite among rap stars and hip-hop moguls, British Knight is dusting off some of its most iconic models after a long hiatus. Headed by designer Darren Romanelli of DRx Romanelli fame, this new effort harks back to a time when kids blasted Kool Moe Dee on their boombox and MC Hammer’s parachute pants were all the rage. Relevant then and even more so now, the updated silhouette of BK Control marks a new era for the label that started it all. Quipped with the Dymacel cushioning technology, the new inline collection comes in four different colorways, including the familiar Snow White, Royale Blue & Black on the Control Mid and the Miami Dolphins-inspired Snow White, Sour Blue & Standard Orange on the Control High. You can find the new British Knights at selected retailers worldwide starting this month. Read it on freshness >